Our Offer

Our Services

The combination of our skills allows our Company to understand and deeply analyze the needs of our clients; our multidisciplinary approach helps us offer a value-added service to our customers. The deep knowledge of different subjects and business areas allows us to formulate efficient and effective solutions, in order to provide our clients with a specialized high quality service. All our Professionals cooperate in synergy to offer a multidisciplinary consulting service, by sharing the objective of creating benefits for the customers. Every team is coordinated by an experienced Partner, who guides and supervises the activity of all collaborators.

We are part of a network of international investors and professionals
We have established solid partnerships with financial professionals all over the world (USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Russia). We cooperate with the most important Investment Funds in Italy and abroad for M&A, private equity and structured finance operations.

Experience in Customer Service

Our activities are focused on the following areas:

Corporate Finance

Preliminary analysis and ongoing support of all phases of structured financial operations, Trademark and Company evaluations, investment options through financial instruments, listing projects on regulated Markets (Shares and Bonds). Our offer aims at creating professional connections between Companies and Investment Funds, with the objective of spotting and exploiting opportunities of investment and industrial development. Our activities encompass:

  • M&A Advisory (Sell/Buy)
  • M&A Private Equity Advisory
  • IPO
  • Business planning
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial restructuring
  • Mini-bond

Real Estate

Our real estate teams is composed of dedicated Professionals with multi-year experience in the market. Our objective is to offer the best solutions that can permit the proper management and correct appraisal of properties, through the identification of investment opportunities, profitability and feasibility analysis, strategic assistance and support to Companies in the management of their property portfolio, acquisition and dismissal projects, development and restructuring operations. Our main services focus on:

  • Property evaluation
  • Business Planning
  • Financial models
  • Impairment test
  • Due Diligence
  • Territory analysis and development
  • Fiscal impact analysis
  • Legal assistance during purchasing/selling operations
  • Translation and interpretation services for foreign customers


Our Professionals assist our clients throughout their development process, in order to allow them implement effective business strategies with specific focus on their fiscal impact. Specialized and integrated skills allow us to rapidly and effectively provide you with adequate and complete framework of the fiscal environment you are operating in, helping you comprehend and analyze the fiscal impacts of Company’s strategies. In particular, we can offer:

  • Support in the calculation of Corporate taxes according to current fiscal requirements
  • Analysis of Company’s structure and procedures with the aim of minimizing tax risks (transfer price, fiscal consolidation, analysis of fiscal divergences in multinational environments)
  • Support on tax updates and evaluation of specific impacts and risks based on Company’s business sector or structure
  • Tax litigation

Business consulting

We offer business consulting services to our customers with the intent of helping them augment their market and business potential, by connecting them to our network of primary commercial Partners. Our Professionals with solid industrial background can help them implement:

  • Business analysis
  • Industrial Plans
  • Marketing and advertisement strategy
  • Internationalization and development plans

Accounting & controlling

A dedicated team assists our clients in all accounting related activities, providing them with specialized assistance and continuous professional updates. We also support our clients through analysis and implementation of controlling and reporting tools. Our global offer encompasses the following activities:

  • Online services
  • Accounting and administrative activity and support
  • Payroll activity and support
  • Electronic filing
  • Tax models processing and filing
  • Implementation of controlling tools
  • Implementation and reorganization of Company’s financial reporting structure and procedure


Thanks to our professional and multidisciplinary network, we can offer an integrated legal assistance with specialists on different fields, perfectly integrated with other Professionals of our structure. Our legal services cover all areas of the following legal branches:

  • Company law
  • Business law
  • Labor law
  • Administrative law
  • Bankruptcy law


Our network of Professionals can offer our clients specific audit services such as:

  • Statutory audit (separated and consolidated financial statements)
  • Voluntary audit (separated and consolidated financial statements)
  • Limited audit procedures (half-year or other intermediate financial reports)
  • Accounting and administrative analysis on IFRS first adoption
  • Opinions according to legal requirements
  • Comfort letters (in case of listing operations or bond issuing)
  • Pro-forma financial report analysis (in case of listing operations or extraordinary operations carried out by listed Companies)
  • Forecast analysis (in case of listing or extraordinary operations)

The combination of our expertise allows us to understand and analyze the problems of each customer

The organization of our company and the work of professionals are guided by a strict code of ethics