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Workshop Mini-bond

Workshop Mini-bond: an opportunity for PMI, Fermo 1 October 2014

In the current credit crunch (credit crunch), where access to credit is becoming an insurmountable obstacle for the Italian companies, preventing the growth and development of the whole country, some recent legislative actions are now taken steps to give breath to the economy and to allow alternative forms of financing to businesses. The mini-bond, bonds may be issued by the SMEs, are financial instruments that can now benefit from significant simplifications legal and tax than in the past and they seem to be the real alternative to bank loans.

In order to illustrate the effects of the new legislation and to provide food for the evaluation and analysis of the Marche region and to the entrepreneurs with the aim of promoting the use of this important tool for financing and development for their companies, Confindustria Fermo and Sif Ltd., in collaboration with the study Bernardini Postacchini and Associates and the Italian Stock Exchange, organized a workshop to be held Wednesday, October 1 at 16:30 at the headquarters of Confindustria Fermo (via Respighi 2), titled “Minibond: an opportunity for SMEs.” The event will include manager of the Italian Stock Exchange and the Company BP & A advisory.

The event is designed specifically for an entrepreneurial as the Marches, characterized by small and medium-size enterprises, which, although operating in different production contexts (fashion, furniture, mechanical, etc.)., Have made quality and specialization of the their strength, transforming small wineries and family in solid industrial groups. The vocation to strongly characterizes the Company of this territory, which they therefore need a valid financial support in order to create ambitious plans for growth and expansion. In view of the difficulties in accessing bank credit today, a tool such as the mini-bond represents an opportunity for SMEs who may come into contact with professional investors obtain financial support to sustain their business and evolve in terms of mentality and organization.